Concrete Pool Deck Contractors in McAllen TX

There is nothing as beautiful as a decorative pool deck, in fact this attractive element of outdoor design is all the rave and one of the hottest trends today. This will be an inviting place where people gather to hang out, soak up the sun and engage in fun summer activities. While a pool deck is basically just another patio, it does have some important needs that a regular patio lacks. 

This is where decorative concrete has provided many solutions to swimming pool decks that are well suited to their needs. Furthermore, these fine concrete decks are an aesthetic compliment to the building and property as a whole. The concrete itself can be molded and colored to resemble slate, stone or many other materials well beyond the price range of regular concrete. 


  • As long as the current concrete is still structurally sound there are many ways it can be redone and this will prevent your unsightly pool deck from detracting from the beauty of a pool. If the concrete is in good condition, you can choose from a variety of aesthetically pleasing options from overlays to stains and resurfacing. 


  • If the concrete is not in the best conditions, it will need to be restored and all the noticeable cracks filler properly. The slope of your pool deck will also need to be addressed to ensure the run off heads in the right direction. 

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

  • A pool deck can be damaged by cracking and scaling, when this happens it is the best option to apply an overlay or micro topping. This resurfacing covers all the existing flaws and restores the structural integrity of your concrete pool deck. Furthermore, it will greatly enhance the overall looks of the pool by allowing you to choose the textures, colors and patterns you will like. You can also select from special pool resurfacing options that help to reflect the heat and avoid slip and fall accidents. 
  • The good news is that when your concrete begins to lose its color, it can be revived with a new coat of water-proof stain. If you apply a UV-Protection staining product, your pool deck will maintain its beauty for many years.

The pool at your home is going to be where all the fun and good memories are made, it makes sense to have such an important architectural element addressed by a professional in concrete work. Call McAllen Concrete Services for a free estimate on the costs of your pool deck work.

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