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Concrete Slab

McAllen Concrete Services is an expert concrete contractor service operating in McAllen, TX and addresses all types of concrete projects with skill and experience. Our services cover a broad range of domestic and commercial applications. Count on us for the best sidewalks, pathways, patios and slab work. We look forward to pushing your project through to completion and all within our projected time frames and budget parameters. 

Different Types of Slabs

You will find the typical garage slab is a full 4-inches thick with a turn down edge that is 12 inches thick. It will be the size and type of vehicles you will be storing in your garage that will decide the exact thickness that you need as well as the presence of additional reinforcement.

One of the finer features you can add to your completed concrete slabs is hard trowel finish. This ensures a denser surface and smoother finish.

As you guessed, this method involves raking a broom (or rake) over the wet concrete. The patterned textures are both delightful and functional. They can reduce slipping and allow for proper drainage as well.

Concrete flooring can be colored and textured to create a wide variety of effects. Call McAllen Concrete Services today to find out what we can do for you. 

Workmanship Warranty

McAllen Concrete Services always adheres to the highest standards of workmanship and proper industry practices when producing our concrete constructions. We work with the most reputable concrete suppliers to ensure our materials are of the highest quality possible. 

Still, all of our projects are handled by professionals with an attention to details that examines the project at every stage of its developments. Small imperfections will be noticed and addressed immediately. 


Yes, sadly all concrete structures are cracked or on the verge of cracking, that’s just the way the concrete cookie crumbles. But, higher grade concrete will keep these fissures small and harmless. Any crack less than a half-inch in height or length is considered normal and innocuous by the concrete industry.

Settling & Shifting

Concrete will also settle to its base after being laid. No matter how well the soil below has been compressed, eventually the slabs are going to settle. This can happen to an unexpected degree and not something that is covered in our warranty. 

Flaking & Popping

Flaking and popping can occur on the surface of the concrete due to inexplicable weather conditions. But, so long as the damage covers less than 20% of the surface of your concrete slab it is still considered harmless by the concrete professionals.


Every mixture of concrete is a little different and it is impossible to perfectly match a color to an existing concrete. Because this discoloration can occur to any degree, getting a perfect color match is another thing we don’t warranty in our projects. 

Our team of concrete professionals has years of experience in all types of concrete projects. No matter the size, depth or other specifics we are the team to call when you need a superior concrete project.

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