Concrete Sidewalks in McAllen TX

McAllen Concrete Services provides concrete services through the McAllen area. Over the years, we’ve built a very strong reputation for ourselves. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re also open on the weekends. 

We stand above other concrete companies in the area. We care about our clients and are happy to work with their schedules. There’s no need to compromise on concrete sidewalks! When you work with us, you’ll get exactly what you need. 

Sidewalks for Your McAllen Home

  • If you own a home in McAllen, there are many reasons to have concrete sidewalks installed. 
  • It’s a cost-effective choice. When you compare the cost of concrete to other materials for walkways, you’ll see that concrete is the best option. 
  • It also offers versatility. It’s able to cover larger areas, but can also be placed in many different designs and shapes. Because concrete is poured, you’ll have full control over the shape of your walkway. 
  • It’s also extremely resilient, especially when you compare it to other options within that price range. It’s long-lasting and it holds up well over time. 
  • It won’t need much upkeep. As long as you repair cracks when you spot them and keep your sidewalk clean, you shouldn’t have any issues. 
  • It’s possible to change the color or design of concrete. Color can be added to concrete, or you can use stamping to change up the look of a concrete surface. 

What Causes Concrete To Crack?

Cracking is a common problem for concrete. There isn’t just one reason that it happens. Many different factors can cause concrete to crack.

Not Having A Crushed Stone Base

If a concrete slab doesn’t have a crushed stone base, it’s more likely to sustain environmental damage. For example, the water could wash the subgrade away, or you could experience cracking when the soil moves.

Missing Control Joints

When concrete is placed, lines are either tooled or cut in the concrete slab. These lines are known as control joints. Although they can’t completely prevent cracks, they can help to control where cracks occur.

Not Having Construction Joints

Two separate concrete slabs can be connected via construction joints. If you don’t have construction joints, slabs could wind up slipping, which could cause them to press against each other. Not only does this cause cracks to form; it can increase the risk of tripping as well.

Not Having The Right Concrete Mix Design

Concrete mix designs need to consider many factors. If there’s an issue with the air, the water concrete, or the temperature, you could experience problems. Luckily, if you work with a company with extensive experience and knowledge, they should be able to supply a concrete mix design that won’t be prone to cracking.

Our engineers have lots of experience and are always working hard to make customers happy. McAllen Concrete Services has taken on many types of concrete projects in McAllen and surrounding areas. Talk to us today and we’ll give you a no-cost estimate!

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