Concrete Foundation Laying in McAllen TX

About Our Concrete Foundation Laying Services

Our team of foundation contractor experts at McAllen Concrete Services is proud of the work we deliver. We are experienced in handling projects of any size in McAllen, Texas. We are here to offer you a reliable solution when it comes to super-strong foundations that will support your home or business for many years into the future. 

A concrete contractor creating a finished surface on fresh concrete.

Concrete Foundations

Foundations play a vital role in all types of structures. It is what connects these structures to the ground. Foundations are vital when it comes to the stability of the structure. It spreads the load of a structure over the entire area which helps to lower overloading. The foundations created from concrete offer exceptional strength when it comes to structural foundations. Concrete contributes towards stable buildings along with reliable foundations that often last for several decades.

Popular Concrete Foundation Types

Slab On Grade Foundations

With these foundations, the slab will be poured directly into the ground. The edges of the slab are made thicker when compared to the rest. This foundation offers durable support for many types of buildings. This is a foundation that only works well for certain regions and soil types. The concrete is poured directly over the soil which makes these foundations vulnerable to elements such as floods or when the ground freezes over. These foundations are best suited to warmer climates. 

T-Shaped Foundations

This is one of the most common foundation methods that is typically used in regions where there is snowfall. This foundation features a footing that is installed deep into the ground, where the ground does not freeze, the walls are then added over the top part of the footing. In a T-shape foundation, the footing will be broader than the walls in order to offer support from the base. From here the walls are then built and finally poured. The last step of this method includes placing the slab.

Raft Foundations

In these foundations, the building or structure will rest on top of one concrete slab. In the slab-on-grade foundations, the base slab will only provide support to lower areas of the dwelling. With a raft foundation, the design and the build support the entire weight of the building. The slab is designed to support the lower areas of the building, while the columns transfer the weight from the floors on the upper level of the building. This foundation is also reinforced with ribs and beams that are directly built inside the foundation. This is a common foundation for areas where the soil-bearing capacity is especially low. 


  • People are under the impression that a driveway made from concrete doesn’t require any maintenance. Yet if you would like to extend the service life of your concrete driveway keeping it clean and applying a sealant will go a long way. 
  • Maintenance of concrete surfaces involves scrubbing the concrete with a stiff bristle brush and hosing it down. A good quality concrete sealer provides an additional layer that will protect your driveway. You should apply a sealer every 6 to 12 months. If you live in an area that experiences snowfall, you should apply a sealer before winter sets in. This will help your driveway to withstand harsh weather conditions and road salts. 
  • A concrete driveway is one of the strongest options. When installed well with the correct reinforcement and a base, your driveway will handle heavy equipment and vehicles with ease. We can offer you a list of good reasons to use McAllen Concrete Services to assist you with installing your concrete driveway. We will give you advice and information on what services and products we provide with your free consultation. 

One of our skilled foundation contractors can give you advice for your project and help you to choose the right option for your structure. Whether you are needing a foundation for your new home or you are building a shed onto your property, we have the expertise to provide you with the best solution.

With our outstanding customer service, skilled engineers, and our distinct background, McAllen Concrete Services is the number one concrete service provider in McAllen. Contact our company today so we can provide you with a free quotation. 

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