Concrete Curbing in McAllen TX

If you are looking for that little extra something that will completely transform the look of your landscaping, you should consider special borders and curbs. These beautiful concrete constructions can make your garden something fantastical. 

Why should you have concrete landscape curbing?

One of the main reasons to go with a durable concrete curbing is functionality. If you are tired of broken edging in your landscape, curbing is the perfect solution because it lasts a long time and avoids this problem completely.

concrete foundation leveling

Installing Landscape Borders

  • The first thing to do will be to properly cut the sod and prepare the grounds making the area ready for the installation of concrete curbing. 
  • The next job will be to mix the concrete in a self-contained trailer. Here is where you can add the exact colors you’d like. Finally, the concrete is taken to the site and fed into a special machine that will direct your concrete in a continuous curb form. 
  • And if you are replacing existing edging, you have nothing to worry about. The installations expert will remove the edging and clear a 9-inch strip of sod from where the curb will be placed.

Will I be Able to Mow up Against my Curbing?

The blades of your mower will not reach the curb and you will find this is actually a great way to get those clean edges around your landscaping.

With plenty of experience and an eye for details, your professional concrete contractors at McAllen Concrete Services can provide you with the perfect garden feature. You can expect functionality and durability at a good price from these local experts. Call us today for a free quote.

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