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Professional Concrete Contractor In McAllen, Texas

McAllen Concrete Services is a well-known and trusted name in the McAllen area because we are highly experienced concrete contractors that provide quality workmanship at affordable rates. We strive to ensure that each of our customers has a fantastic experience with our teams, which is why we have professional crews and trustworthy project managers. We pay attention to every detail to make sure your concrete installation matches up to all your construction requirements. We are also extremely proud of our professional and smooth finishes. We are sure you will be 100% satisfied when you use our team for any of the following:

  • Residential or commercial services
  • Patios and concrete curbing
  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete buildings and foundations

Allow our team of experts to enhance and improve your home or business in McAllen, or for pouring foundations for your upcoming project. Our concrete contractors are available from Monday to Saturday, and we work very hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Allow us to handle every concrete requirement you may have, by calling McAllen Concrete Services today to schedule an appointment

Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of buildings in construction site.

Our Services

concrete pouring

Commercial Concrete

Concrete plays a leading role around and in commercial properties. Here at McAllen Concrete Services, we specialize in commercial concrete services across McAllen.

A picture of a concrete worker building a fresh concrete patio in McAllen.

Concrete Patios

Patios are generally an area of the home where homeowners enjoy entertaining their guests. If you have noticed cracks resurfacing as soon as possible is highly recommended before the slab becomes very difficult or impossible to repair.

Freshly laid concrete pavers in new concrete paver driveway.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete stamping can provide your home with an exceptionally attractive architectural element and affordable price. There has never been a more cost effective way to add curb appeal that will make your neighborhood and community just green.

Facts About Concrete

  • Concrete is an outstanding material when it comes to building roads due to its highly compressive characteristics, and that it is poured making it easier to match up to the size, design, and shape of different types of roads. 
  • Concrete is also a practical material for most construction purposes, and that it is made up of a mineral that is highly abundant, known as Limestone. It is used 50% more within the construction industry when compared to any of the other materials. 
  • Concrete generally features a simple and neutral appearance. However, when you are looking for enhanced designs, there are different coating types to choose from. These are the coatings that ensure solid floors are far more resistant to general wear-and-tear. Concrete floors also work well with different colors and decorative features. 

Concrete Advantages

Concrete is one of the best options for floors in residential homes, yet not many owners know about the range of significant benefits this flooring option has to offer. Concrete flooring has been a common option in industrial and commercial buildings for many years, but only in the last decade or so, has concrete become an increasingly popular choice for homes. Here is an overview of some of the benefits you can expect when you invest in concrete floors. 

Concrete is a cost-effective material that offers you with stunning and high-quality floors that will look great for decades into the future. They also require a lot less maintenance in comparison to other flooring materials.

As we mentioned before, concrete flooring requires a lot less maintenance when compared to flooring materials such as carpets, ceramic floors, and wood. Concrete floors that are exposed to high volumes of traffic will typically require maintenance every 2 to 3 years.

Some homeowners are under the impression that a concrete floor is hard and cold, especially for the winter months, yet concrete is very similar to ceramic, stone, and marble floors when it comes to temperature. One of the benefits of the cool temperature of concrete floors is that they will help to lower your energy bills over the hot summer months.

Concrete is a highly durable and strong construction material made to withstand all types of weather conditions and heavy foot-traffic. Concrete floors are made to last for many years.

Another common misconception surrounding concrete flooring is that they are slippery. Yet this is just not true. Concrete floors can appear slippery, but when they are installed by expert concrete contractors, they won’t be. This is because most professional contractors include a non-slip additive into the last step of the process. 

Commercial Concrete Services

Concrete plays an essential role around and in commercial facilities. We provide an extensive range of concrete services for commercial applications designed to add beauty, value, and function to our valuable customers’ commercial properties. Our experts at McAllen Concrete Services, understand that to achieve success with your project you need a company that you can trust to provide top-rated and quality services. 

This is the reason why we are always striving to ensure every detail is taken care of, and that we not only match up to the expectations of each client but also exceed them. Because your satisfaction is always our top priority, you can always expect personalized and attentive services through each phase of the project. You should only settle for the very best when it comes to any commercial project you are working on.

Masonry Service

We specialize in masonry and stone, which has allowed us to combine the latest technology in modern construction along with trusted traditional methods to arrive at superior masonry work. Masonry is among the oldest forms when it comes to construction and it is respected and admired for the style and elegance that it incorporates into various projects. Some of the more common ones include Fireplaces, Walkways, and Decks.

We always work towards exceeding the expectations of every client that we work with. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we approach each job with care, precision, and accuracy. We also work hard to ensure your project is as cost-effective and competitively priced as possible, while always paying attention to the finest details. Whether you would like masonry services included to enhance your home, increase the resale value, or even both, we are here to assist. 

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is a material that takes on other textures, shapes, and colors. The chameleon-like capabilities of concrete help this material to blend seamlessly into its surrounding environment. Colored concrete can be made to look like stone, wood, tiles, bricks, or any other pattern you can think of. Colored concrete patios and walkways are no longer limited to lifeless, plain and gray slabs of concrete. 

Foundation Inspection

Foundations are vital when it comes to the stability of a home, and they serve the purpose of supporting the overall weight of a residential structure. However, homes usually settle as time goes by and it is common to start noticing signs of damages. A professional foundation inspection will identify any potential or underlying issues, and to offer you a solution to prevent further damages or a disaster into the future.

Why You Should Choose Us


Insured And Licensed Concrete Service Contractors


Whenever you allow any type of worker access to your property, it is vital that you ensure these individuals are both insured and licensed. To begin with, your homeowner’s policy will be held liable for this employee unless they have their own insurance as our company does. Secondly, licensing involves passing stringent tests that ensure that we are experienced in this line of work. Contractors that are licensed that provide concrete services will offer you with the best quality workmanship, and peace-of-mind, should anything go wrong.

Top-Rated Services

Our business is among the top in this business, along with our experienced and skilled team, top-of-the-range tools and equipment, along with many years of experience when it comes to achieving outstanding flooring results.

Superior Quality And Professional Work For All Your Concrete Needs

We are highly meticulous when it comes to our workmanship. We are fully committed to quality which starts with the pre-construction phase. This is the stage where our team reviews your plans, generates a work plan that is specific to the project, and then communicates the plan with every team member involved in the project.

Turning Your Dreams Into A Reality

We have a passion to make sure your ideas are brought to life and to create floors that you will really love. We handle projects of all sizes, from commercial properties to small residential homes, and everything in-between.


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McAllen Concrete Services Guarantee

McAllen Concrete Services, is a professional concrete contracting business that has a specialty in both residential and commercial concrete construction. With more than three decades of experience, we provide decorative concrete and newly-placed concrete applications with integral stamped concrete and colored concrete that adds color and design to outdoor concrete surfaces. These commonly include pool decks, walkways, driveways, and patios. We are different from many other concrete contractors in the way of providing outstanding work, and excellent customer satisfaction ratings. 

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